February 2010

If Ryan McGinness didn’t set out to change the art world, then he sure chose the wrong career path. He’s become a household name of art’s contemporary scene “who’s who”, and you’d be har

Polish artist Konrad Smolenski can for sure be called a multimedia artist: he works in many different areas of art and produces videos, audio works, objects, installations, performances, and music. Having special predilection for exposing spectators to shocking traps and a tendency for extreme actio

Neat little creation from Paris based Compositing and Motion graphics designer who likes to go by the name of Trak. I must confess that I was able to obtain little information on “Trak”, however since I had previously broken my water mark of lacking information being the justification fo

American artist Brian Alfred is best known for his paintings, collages and animations which explore how the world has changed through the use of new media technology and in particular the visual manifestation of how information is shared and disseminated throughout popular culture. His works present

Film maker and photographer Chuck Fishbein has been running a little series titled elements, In this he tries to share with his audience his view and perception of New York city, a city that Chuck has a great love and passion for. “I love New York City. It’s never short of amazing imager

Raymond Biesinger is a self-taught illustrator based in Edmonton, Canada. You probably have seen his work in publications like Dwell, The Economist, Wired, The New York Times, Monocle, The Financial Times, Seed, NYLON, the Globe & Mail, Flemish Eye Records, among others. Using a variety of mixe