June 2010

I found this trailer for this great little visual works on the animation channel over at Vimeo, created by French students Anthony Vivien, Marc Bouyer, Max Loubaresse, Cyrille Marchesseau and Mael Vigraux. This is just so infectious and its hard not to crack out a smile while watching Im hoping they

We’ve had an abundance of good photographers crop up over the past few days. This work by Ali Bosworth is specifically taken from the fall 2009 series, which i thought was most recent. But the other photography is really on point aswell, very nostalgic in it’s tone. It’s all about

Houston based designer Randy Cole brings us this set of advertising prints which hold a vintage styling to them throughout, we see four separate looks here each using glamour in the form of women to advertise Thailand export Red Bull. Im not a fan of commercial pieces so this project is a rare inclu