Admiring the Work of Architect Frank Lloyd Wright

As time goes by working here on the site it’s seems that a trend is starting to appear where I’m referencing less and less creatives from the present and more from the past. Barbara Hepworth was perhaps the most notable individual recently given the fact that she passed in 1975, so today I’m going to continue this running theme once more as we delve into the history of inspiring American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

I think what I find most fascinating about these creative individuals that are unfortunately no longer with us is the idea that their creations and the work that they all dedicated their lives to leaves behind a legacy that will live out a much longer life than that their own. Especially in architecture which is obviously built to stand up against the test of time, and how these pieces have stood up for Frank is what insures he is held fondly by countless fans of design all over the world.

For those of you who haven’t come across the work of Frank before his buildings were based around an idea he called organic architecture in which harmony was found amongst the structures he built, and the environment each was encased in. For me his stand out project which really embraces this idea of organic construction is his design of the “Falling Water” house which was created for the Kaufmann family in 1939.

We see this at the foot of the post as I felt it was the best way to finish off a fantastic set of imagery, it’s such an astounding piece of architecture and one that I’m sure has inspired many young creatives to take up the field over the years. If you’ve got the time I urge you to head across to his dedicated webpages, he’s such an inspirational character and one who’s design influence we certainly should never forget.