Alpine Hut by Ofis Arhitekti

One thing that always puzzles me about architecture, or perhaps architects more specifically, is the way in which many firms present their projects online. You would have thought being design led in their thought process we would see an abundance of imagery and in this case short film that is aimed to really captivate the viewer and get them thinking why traditional housing has its flaws. This void makes photographers like Leslie Williamson and Iwan Baan a real treat to visit online, what I’d love however is this quality of imagery employed across the board. Studios taking on the principles encased within their architecture, I believe this would be really empowering.

Of course there are always exceptions to the rule and you can’t put everybody in the same box, I’m just talking somewhat generally here from searching around and finding over designed portfolios and frustrating imagery. The Alpine Hut that Ofis Arhitekti have put together was a rare and enjoyable find, I’m sure lots of you are going to appreciate being able to mentally map how this has been designed in more of a 3 dimensional way. It’s no surprise to me that over on Vimeo one of the highest viewed and shared videos is actually a short film that explores the beauty that architecture can behold. My thought is that if we can get projects documenting fresh ways of looking at housing, a challenge can be made upon conventional thinking.

I’m a big fan of sustainable design and bringing ones lifestyle closer to the natural environment, you will soon see in the frames below Ofis have opted to use rather organic materials, taking all the necessary elements from the local area. Not only is this great in terms of sustainability it continues on a narrative with the location itself. In an ideal world I don’t think architecture should be adding much at all merely complimenting what is already there, watching this over I felt like this build comprehensively did this.

One of the most satisfying notes for me was the fact this place really felt lived in and beyond a concept, seeing the children playing within the home and taking a short tour made me realise how much Ofis had considered this element a showcase, opposed to an after thought. I’ll be keeping my nose to the ground to see if I can come across more films like this one, I’m optimistic that more and more firms will begin to see the benefits of highlighting why they create what they do. In the meantime press play and for those interested in learning more about Ofis and their studio I’ll leave the link for this just below. Enjoy!