Alvar Aalto Studio Outtakes by Leslie Williamson

One of the main things that keeps me constantly captivated and inspired is the small network we’ve been lucky enough to generate here. I love the idea that once we’ve shared the work of someone that isn’t always the end of the line, I like checking back and seeing how creatives works have progressed, it’s good to know people are getting the rewards and opportunities they deserve. Leslie Williamson is one of these people, we were both completely blown away by her Handcrafted Modern book and it was a real pleasure to compose a small interview with her and learn a little about the journey/context behind this. The American photographer and author is actually halfway though another awe inspiring journey at this moment in time, which I just wanted to make sure you’re all updated on, as the resulting publication is definitely something not to be missed.

I’ve raided her blog which has recently been updated with some outtakes she captured in Finland of the great Alvar Aalto’s studio, who’s one of many great European design legends that will feature within the pages of the new book. I can’t speak for anyone else but personally I’m brimming with excitement to see what else is one the cards, she explains on her blog that she was shooting the Fin’s home for the book and spent her lunch exploring his studio which is just a few blocks away. It also transpires that she may be making a visit to Sweden soon to include Austrian architect Josef Hoffman’s home in the series, hopefully we get some outtakes of this too.

We don’t offer her previous book here in the shop unfortunately but it’s a item that’s worth every penny, if you enjoy the mid-century era I’d recommend getting a copy today, you won’t regret it. Also I’d urge you to follow the photographers blog and website for the latest news, I’m just playing the middle man today but you should keep tabs on the release of the second edition yourself, trust me it’s going to be really special.