Bridging New & Old – Interiors by Designer Francesc Rifé

I’ve taken a particular liking to the work of Spanish interior and industrial designer Francesc Rifé. Since our own concept here at OEN is based around craft, simplicity, and good design it’s great to see Francesc is on a similar wavelength. Also influenced heavily by minimalism and taking a strong interest in tradition that’s linked to craftsmanship, Rifé seems to have been particularly focused on incorporating natural materials in to his spaces that harmoniously slot in with the surrounding objects.

Although I do enjoy the slick, contemporary interiors of the shops and galleries that they’ve produced over the years, there’s something appealing about the serene but homely environments they’ve designed such as the ML House and the MA Apartment. I can see a definite separation between work and home, which might sound obvious from the onlooker’s perspective but has become less common thanks to the luxury ideals that seem to have penetrated the contemporary design scene as of late. A fake aesthetic that is stale and made more for photoshoots than a space that can work seamlessly with the user.

Studio Rifé on the other hand have created these charming spaces that radiate a sense of serenity, mixing paintings and other decorative elements from the owner’s own collection, pairing these nicely with a minimalist interior that integrates mainly shades that are light in colour but sometimes accenting with dark wood or a stoney wall facade that blends old and new, traditional and contemporary. I’ve been searching for an interior designer with such a balanced eye and I think I found one. Francesc Rifé is definitely a unique talent.