Collection of Work from Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architects

When it comes to sharing architecture on the format I’ve been trying to stick to highlighting one project at a time, but this morning I simply couldn’t decide as there were so many beautiful builds from Detrich and Untertrifaller Architects that I wanted to share. In the end I compiled a set of ten images that really caught my eye which works as a compelling introduction into the style of work the firm typically gets involved with.

As you’ve perhaps already noted from the imagery above and below Helmut Detrich and Much Untertrifaller who founded and mange the firm often opt for a simplistic less is more approach to design, reducing each home down to the necessary and putting great emphasis on the quality of the fine details that do exist within. Browsing throughout their portfolio I noticed that with their exterior design horizontal lines seemed to take precedent, contrasting to those within the home which generally take on a vertical axis. This drew my eye deeper into the home and often towards the communal areas of the home which felt quite prominent places for me. Each has been enraptured with some really breathtaking views, especially the Dornbirn, Davo’s and Klaus homes with their mountain rich location, I’m sure meals must be a joy in the evening as the sun sets.

One thing that has always inspired/interested me is the design of home that is as considered as this home yet has been created for mass construction. Browsing over the Detrich and Untertrifaller portfolio has certainly given me further ideas on how I would design this, hopefully it’s got you thinking a little creatively too. For more information/imagery on all of these projects head over to the Detrich and Untertrifaller portfolio via the link I’ll leave just below. Enjoy.