Collector’s House by Andersson-Wise

At the moment I’m going through the idea phase of a new web design for this site, it’s been fun developing the one that we have now but ever since the addition of the shop I’ve had a strong interest in integrating the two a bit better. The goal is to sell more limited items which are design led, basically informed through the blog, in the store and do something creative/different with our aesthetic. Obviously we’ll be following the same sort of line as what we’ve got now but hopefully it will be seamless and will integrate a “responsive” design, something challenging for me as a designer as I’ve never done it before. I’m starting from scratch.

So as I’ve been partaking in the research of how to go about this new project funnily enough I stumbled across a great architecture firm by the name of Andersson-Wise (nice coincidence). This studio was founded by Arthur W. Andersson and F. Christian Wise in 2001, they’ve worked on some fantastic houses and buildings across Texas where they’re currently situated. There’s actually five or six that are really hard to pick between but in my opinion this place that I’m selecting today is a cut above the rest, probably because it sits right inline with my taste. Titled the Collector’s house this project was an extensive renovation of an existing residence built in the late 1980’s in west Austin. The living room, dining rooms, and master suite were redesigned along with the swimming pool and entry deck areas of the exterior.

What I like about this house is the fact that they’ve kept it really clean and simple all the way throughout but have let the objects inside the house, obviously owned by a design collector, speak for themselves. For example the sculpture and the chair in the third picture from the top, absolutely exceptional and is really one of a kind. Also in the fifth image where they have a Mies van der Rohe Barcelona daybed and a classic handcrafted wooden table, it’s a place full of abstract angles and stunning light, just what I like to see!

I think it’s cool that Andersson-Wise concentrate on natural houses, trying to craft their projects from timeless materials. As a fellow designer it’s important to think about what we make and how it’s going to manage over the long run, too many people just create fast food junk without any substance. Hopefully with great firms like this we’ll see more people getting inspired by this way of thinking.

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  • Clare Wilde

    Another great post…. new design for the site sounds exciting and I love the idea of design led products taking inspiration fron the blog. Will be watching this space!

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