David Adjaye Speaks on Race & Heritage

I wanted to share this film today as it really gets behind the personality and persona of an established architect, which for me is the most important element of architecture. The people that will use these buildings each day and how they will interact, make connections and hold the designed spaces in their memory. British architect David Adjaye recently had a conversation with the good folks at Crane TV to highlight all these things and more as they compiled an interview that touched upon race and heritage and how these topics have impacted upon his life and career thus far.

David was selected to design Washington DC’s Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture this year, so these topics have taken on greater focus I would imagine as he’s researched further into this project. He was also selected as the top candidate for the PowerList 2013, naming him Britain’s most influential black figure, an award he describes as a double edged sword. I have to say I agree with him, as you’ll soon hear in the video below he’s proud to be acting as a role model to a younger generation, but on the flip side of the coin it’s a shame that he isn’t recognised for his talents alone, he is after all one of the UK’s most successful talents.

These are difficult topics to bring to the table that I don’t think are discussed anywhere near enough, so I’m glad to give this a showcase today. It’s a good thing that people can hear what a burden David has upon his shoulders at times because like him we believe modern society should be one that is based upon the concept of equality. If someone is influential they should be recognised because they are influential, he is responsible for a selection of really groundbreaking projects so I hope many of you will take on board what he has to say in the film below.

For more information on David and his career visit his website via the link below.


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