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Searching through all these different architecture portfolios can get a bit samey, often the builds look very similar to all the others out there. Alongside my goal to discover new and interesting architects, I’m also on the hunt for technical details that showcase how the builds are constructed, importantly how they are developed and designed. Videos can be good, you can see construction methods and get a feel for how these fantastic builds are actually stitched together. But for me you can’t get any better than good old-fashion drawings, these are inspiration for any one of us, we can all crack out the notepads and sketch over the architects own work. It gives you an idea of what the designer went through to get to the final structure, this applies to any creative industry.

Although you can find lots of sketching inspiration in books released on famous architects like Alvar Aalto and Louis Kahn, books that I have on my own shelf, you can also come across a nice selection online (if you look hard enough). Hermann Kaufmann architects for example showcase both the design and construction phase, which is a great help for geeks like myself. It also helps that the homes are very appealing on the eye and have elements that I can relate to, mainly modernist and minimalist. A few of my favourite builds include the Ried man house, which is super airy with lots of wood being used inside and out. EFH Moosmann Petra is also a nice build, it’s a small build but very open plan with a nice feature window.

I’m sure you’ll appreciate the mixture of photos from the Hermann Kaufmann portfolio, if you’re interested in the construction and drawings I’d recommend popping over to the website to explore. A trend that I’ve noticed is my fascination with stair cases and the pathway between different levels or areas, these always attract me for some reason. In the photos you can see a few brilliant stairways with light rays beaming in and glass being used to divide, they’re quite special. Enjoy.







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  • Mario

    Hi, he is really an amazing architect and I absolutely love his work. He is from Vorarlberg in western Austria, just like me, so I know his work pretty well and saw a lot of it with my own eyes. Vorarlberg, especially the area called “Bregenzerwald” where Kaufmann is actually born, is very famous for its tradition in building wooden houses.

    On my blog I have another amazing house form Bernado Bader, which won an award as the best wooden house in 2013:

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