Estate in Extremadura by Abaton Architect Firm

Sometimes some of the most innovative designs are hidden away in places that you’d never imagine would harness such wonderful consideration for creating, like this abandoned stables found in the west of Cáceres which has been rejuvenated by Spanish architectural firm Abaton. I’ve not come across their work before but I was really impressed with their ability to combine lots of quaint rustic elements into a modern and contemporary looking home.

In the search for something a little modern I think many people can fall into the trap of building spaces that look too futuristic and out of touch from the surroundings they lay in. Which makes viewing this family home all the more enticing and satisfying, as this once stable in fact complements the beautiful rural scenery surrounding the Extremadura highland area.

If you take a quick gaze at the top image you will notice the house is centred around a natural water pool which must be really relaxing to sit in front of during the summer months. This also doubles as an inventive way to provide the home with electricity, as turbines underneath the house charge a generator as the stream passes down through the mountain and into the pool.

Combine this with the neatly tucked away solar panels on the roof and you have a house that is pretty much self sufficient, so this place is as responsible as it is idyllic. Hopefully one day I’l be able to own something like this, but for the time being I’ll have to make do with admiring the rustic character found in the set below. If you’d like to view some more of this estate head towards the Abaton page which can be found through the link just below.