For the People – Interior Spaces and Details by Steven Holl Architecture

I honestly feel kind of selfish at times. When I view architecture I tend to think about the functionality for the human being on a personal level and how we can revolve around these spaces everyday with ease. If I think about my reference point it’s always myself. What do I want? How can they serve me? It’s something that great architects let go of in favour of helping the wider world. This is “the people’s architecture.” A valid and important ethos.

Steven Holl is a big architecture studio and splits itself between New York and Beijing. It’s a big front so it would make sense then that they are working on much bigger projects compared to residential homes. Not to de-value this type of architecture at all, even small projects are valuable, but obviously there’s something very giving about these larger works that everyone can enjoy together. Often these spaces are where communities grow and expand. In these trying times some of the most important kind of projects involve this kind of architecture.

An interesting note to take from Steven’s work is his interest in how music and architecture relate, you can really see this in his work. There’s always a sense of movement and rhythm in his buildings, directing people where to go in a dynamic manner and offering intrigue. I wanted to pick out some details that inspired me personally and hope that they will also inspire you to dream bigger and expand your vision. Can you help more people?