Introducing Architect Joseph Dirand With Freunde von Freunden

Berlin based publication Freunde von Freuden bring us the experimental approach to minimal design through the architecture of Joseph Dirand and his team in this short filmed interview. Joseph’s style is most notable in his living space seen in this short film where he has combined traditional with Kubrickian elements.

In the short Joseph goes on to talk about the importance of light in architecture which is such a simple element in the design process, yet is one that is so often overlooked. He explains that light breathes life into a space, highlighting it as one of the main elements of what he does through his studio of ten strong architects. Joseph created the studio in 1999 and considers it a family workshop of artisans who aspire to be the next generation of traditional French influenced designers.

We’ve not featured the previous work of Freunde von Freuden and their lighthearted and upbeat approach to interviews, which comes off as quite personal. Although I will certainly be looking towards them from here on in for a little added inspiration. If you’d like to view the previous work of all involved in this film you can do so via the links below.