Requiem of a Dream Home – The Renovation of the Eichler Twin Gable House

Located in Sunnyvale, CA the Twin Gable House is an Eichler home originally designed by Quincy Jones and Frederick Emmons in 1962. The owners fell in love with the inward-looking courtyard scheme that featured living spaces wrapped around a central, open air atrium. However, they wanted to update the home to make it more modern and energy efficient.

They enlisted the help of Ryan Leidner Architecture to help them realize their vision. The firm assisted them in creating an open floor plan that would make their home more comfortable for their family of four.

When walking up to the house, one is greeted by a stark white exterior, a barnyard roof that adds a rustic touch and plenty of vibrant greenery. Each room is accessible by a glass sliding door that provides a sense of openness. The wood paneled ceiling contributes to the rustic meets modern vibe of the home.

The couple capitalized on the open-air feel by furnishing each room with pieces that are well spaced and minimalist. Many pieces tilt out and backwards to create a sense of openness that draws you inward. The color scheme is stark white complemented by neutrals and the occasional splash of color.

Their bathrooms are exceptional. The basin like tubs lend a vintage vibe while the skylight over the shower in one bathroom makes for a great way to let in light. The other bathroom has its own sliding door that leads out to a private garden area.

The sliding doors at the back of the house serve as the entrance to an ample patio and sleek rectangular pool. The warm interior lights of the back rooms make the pool area the perfect place to relax and entertain.

The family was successful in creating a modern home that is a perfect update on a classic. They have managed to transform their living environment into a work of art.