Selection of Work from Kengo Kuma & Associates

Browsing through their webpage today I was finding it a real struggle to pin down just one project that I wanted to share from Kengo Kuma & Associates architects. Their portfolio was too good not to be shared though, so as a solution I’ve pieced together a selection of work they’ve put together over the past few years, something which I’m sure will inspire many of you. I think sometimes it’s hard to do collectives justice if you’re sharing just one project that they’ve created, so hopefully after seeing these you will head across in search of seeing what else they’ve put their name to in recent times.

Given the Japanese roots of Kengo Kuma and his firm these were always going to created with a minimal aesthetic in mind, but what I love most about the work they’ve undertaken here is how they have managed to add subtle touches of individualism and character without losing that timeless feel. I’m actually really surprised that Kengo hasn’t picked up more awards for his work. Somehow the Pritzker Prize has eluded him thus far but I wouldn’t be too surprised to hear him being considered in the near future, his creations are simply breathtaking in my humble opinion.

Kengo is an architect that puts great premise on wood as a building material and his elaborate structures like that of the Prostho Museum Research Centre and the Yusuhara Wooden Bridge Museum are unlike anything I’ve seen before. He doesn’t restrict himself souly to wood however, with his most recent build at the Xinjin Zhi museum a prime example of his ability to innovate and incorporate brave new ideas within a build.

If you’re inspired by architecture and modernism I’d really urge you to make the trip across to Kengo’s webpage as his portfolio is one of the most impressive I’ve personally come across. The KKAA site is hosting over 100 separate builds each with their own accompanying write up, so it’s a great resource for any young aspiring designer – head across & enjoy!