Short film on Ron Radziner and his home

I’ve been doing a little internet digging and I’ve come across this short film on the principal designer at Marmol Radziner which provides further context into the design of his own home. I was delighted to find this project as there doesn’t seem to be an abundance of films online featuring modern architects, especially those with a portfolio of this quality. Founded in 1989 Marmol Radziner is an ongoing collaboration between Leo Marmol and Ron Radziner with the pair basing themselves in Los Angles, California.

In order to highlight the full spectacle of his home I’ve doubled up the film with a series of photographs taken by Joe Fletcher who is perhaps the best architectural photographer I’ve laid my eyes on. I first came upon the work of Joe in a recent book I brought: The New Natural home published by Thames & Hudson where Ron’s house completely blew me away, the structure and spec of the home is really quite special.

What I found most refreshing about the man himself in context of this was how humble and down to earth he was, he speaks of always having the need to keep growing and learning which is obviously why he’s become as accomplished a designer as he has. There is almost a child like excitement to him with how pleased he is with the house, and watching this over as well as viewing the studios portfolio you get an overriding sense that this is something he really deserves to have. Watch below and enjoy!