The 10 Best Product Designs in Pictures by Margaret Howell

I’m not a big fan of top ten lists but this one that Margaret Howell partook in had to be an absolute winner. Her vision really represents and runs in parallel with my love for clothing and design, it’s such a mix and amalgamation of lots of lifestyle elements. You really can’t knock her for all the classic items she’s produced, whether it be through her clothing label or through her home and furniture products. I’d kill for one of her collaboration tables or chairs, everything is so simple but enticing.

It’s a short slideshow that showcases her 10 best product designs but represented in picture form with a little explanation underneath each. I was easily satisfied just reading through the captions one by one, I think the best, although there are a few worthy of a mention, is the one about the Anglepoise lamp where she says, “A supreme example of rational design: no fuss, sheer utility, pure satisfaction”. It’s funny that you can see her own work through the products that she’s chosen.

Read the article and flick through each slide on The Guardian website.