A Day Alone By Caleb Vinson

It’s a late one folks and it seems like the pair of us are opting to promote projects revolving around solitude today. Nothing to worry about though, we both just like the idea of self-sufficiency, plus these visuals are pretty relaxing. The Chicago dweller Caleb Vinson needed some time alone to reflect, bringing along his camera, he spotted a perfect location next to a lake on a warm November day.

In his description of his latest piece Caleb explains that he feels being alone is therapeutic, and I can’t say I can disagree with the chap on this topic, sometimes a bit of self reflecting is all you need.

We see some great easy on the eye tones in the frames below, I think Caleb has come up with the foil for a stressful day, if your creatively inclined. I hope everyone enjoys this one as much as I have tonight, we get some good mood provoking visuals presented to us, be sure to check out more from Caleb over on Vimeo.