A Powerful Simplicity – Artworks by Hildegard Elma

Paintings by Hildegard Elma 1

German artist Hildegard Elma’s artwork is very intriguing to say the least. Upon further inspection in to her background as an artist and the life she leads, many of her artistic choices made a lot of sense and I wanted to talk about them here in a little more detail.

Living in East Friesland in a rural area of Germany, Elma has led a fairly isolated lifestyle with her family for more than 30 years. Stepping away from the art world in this way has given her the opportunity for full devotion to her craft, exploring the possibilities and limits of colour in a creative and abstract way.

By using a fairly stringent system of vertical and horizontal brushstrokes, Elma relies heavily on the colour and texture of the brush stroke itself. Some of the pieces remind me of cloth that has been slowly worn away, bringing history and memories along for the ride. Others are more like stormy seas or mist. All are linked to nature and are stripped back in their concept and ideology. Newer works seen here are bright in colour, and offer a change as if they are representing the different seasons.

Maybe this tranquility out in the countryside has helped Hildegard explore colour in such a manner. Which leads me to an interesting point. Making space for creativity is just as important as the producing itself. By figuring out her need to be near nature, as well as the push and pull it brings to her work, it gives Elma the right mindset to create these wonderful masterpieces that are more than just abstract; they bring forward true feeling and substance for us all to soak up and admire.


Paintings by Hildegard Elma 2

Paintings by Hildegard Elma 3

Paintings by Hildegard Elma 4

Paintings by Hildegard Elma 5

Paintings by Hildegard Elma 6

Paintings by Hildegard Elma 7