A View Of My Fathers Garden By Mirko Faienza

Working in television Mirko Faienza has crafted his passion into skill to be able to bring us this very personal visual works, filmed in his fathers garden. Currently based in Bologna Italy Mirko’s career path is one that has meant he has been able to travel the globe, he sees it as a big responsibility to pass the message to the viewers through his eyes. His Tv career began in a local network of Bologna, being occupied there as cameraman, editor, soundman. Covering mostly news, sport events and Tv programs. By 2003 he turned freelance and left Italy moving east, for him, one of his biggest steps he recalls when looking back. Since then he has covered the most important historic events the Mid-East region went through during the past years, including conflict crisis, moving all around the area, shooting news for the most important networks and agencies like CNN, Sky News, Ap, etc… and filming documentaries for European and US productions, directors.

I think because of Mirko’s career background this personal piece stood out to me, as something more subtle and creative its an area im sure he’s always gracing. For sure I know many of the theory and techniques cross over, but you have to put the viewer in a different mindset from a news report for example, so for this reason I quite admire this piece. Also because of the fact that it has some fantastic photography throughout it, the macro shots of the insects are fantastic so much detail and high quality is packed into this video, if your a fan of video production, your be a fan of this. To find more information or work from Mirko Faienza follow the link to his site, to be found below.

“I bring true passion, enthusiasm, dedication, and will always push my self to the best I can, to give your project the value it deserves”

– Mirko Faienza

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