A View Of Tapei From Salvo Severino

Animation and Visual effects artist Salvo Severino compiled this intimate series of production on his most recent short stay in the Tapei, When talking to him he told me that he is slowly being converted from an avid photographer into an inspired videographer. With the weather limiting him on his travels Salvo decided to go for a minimal amount of kit on this shoot and he ended up filming handheld adding a more personal touch and attracting less attention to himself. His Inspiration he states came from his new experience of the city, as being quite new to it, he felt attracted by some details that citizens of taipei may find obvious or normal, for him his new surroundings were so interesting that he couldn’t stop from shooting. Its great to see people getting passionate and inspired by the places around them and I can defiantly relate to that with my recent trip to Varna, I think its easy to get captured in the different culture of others when traveling. Salvo provides a gripping works and if the view of Tapei that he shows us here is anything like the real thing, Id love a trip too experience it all, Salvo has truly done Tapei justice in my opinion, what does everyone else think?


  • Gee

    This is brilliant! It really captures the feel of the city. I just sent it to my parents who will visit my beloved Taipei for their first time this summer.

  • Daniel Benning

    Defiantly.. its great to take a look into different places and cultures and like you said Savio has captured the feel of the city perfectly.

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