Abstract Composition – Prints by Spanish Visual Artist Jesus Perea


As you probably already know from scanning our art section that I’m a real sucker for abstract works that make use of block colour. I can’t quite put my finger on why it is, but I like the simplicity in the flat colours and also enjoy the contrast between the colours themselves. Especially primary colours as they are the basic colours that make up the spectrum.

These fantastic art works by Spanish artist Jesus Perea stood out. Born in Madrid in 1971, Jesus’ has focused most of life being a graphic designer and illustrator, and at the moment he has a particular fascination with limited edition Giclee Prints. These are printed using pigments instead of dyes (among other difference to normal prints). He plays with a combination of colour, pattern and structure, often using quite blocky and architectural shapes to convey his ideas.

Since my own training is graphic based too these appeal to me, but I also admire the freedom in his work. Looking back through his archive it’s easy to see the progression he’s made up until this point, much of his older work has obvious references to the typical ‘graphical’ format, but in the newer work he’s really let the reigns go free and has produced truly stripped back pieces of art. These would be great to own and some can be found on his shop page. Enjoy.