Abstract Morphing Shapes – A Selection of Artworks by Sepideh Ilsley

The golden ratio and the numerous formations that seem to draw our eye in are so fascinating. There’s a kind of mysticism to them. Why do a certain combination of shapes appeal to us? Is it because they are organic? Do they somehow strike a chord with our inner being? Something subliminal inside of us? I have a hunch it’s probably something to do with nature and has a link to the different organisms we share this planet with.

That’s what was so interesting about these works by Sepideh Ilsey, an Iranian artist currently based in Perth, Australia. Her works start out as digital, later transferred on to linen with paint. This interesting relationship with digital has led to a fantastic series of organic compositions that focus on line and the overall negative space that’s between them. She tends to work in two colours to create quite a dramatic effect.

Moving from digital, perfect in form, to hand techniques on linen makes for this great balance between imperfect and perfect. Sepideh is looking to harness any mistakes and uses them as a focal point for her finished work. Here are a few of my favourite works from Sepideh, but I recommend you go on over to her portfolio where she has other pictures on offer. Failing that, give her a follow on Instagram here. Enjoy.