Abstracting the Abstract – Paintings by British Artist Julian Brown

Abstract art challenges our senses and offer a sense of discomfort or it can invite us in with a sense of warmth. Brown’s art does a bit of both. His warm, tropical colors are inviting, adding a vibrancy to any room. At the same time, Julian makes us question his work causing us to dig deeply into our own subconscious; and his.

Brown is an artist who lives and works in London and Brighton, England. His work is influenced by folk art as well as a sense of childhood idealism. He uses handmade geometric symbols to explore the balance between order and chaos, structure and collapse, expression and control.

When We Were Young 40 x 30 cm Acrylic on Canvas

His “When We Were Young” acrylic piece is one that stands out due to its use of bright pastel tones against a darker background. His shapes can be described as leaflike and the overall picture is reminiscent of a tropical garden. However, the deeper reds and blacks he uses hint that there is a darker element involved.

The Crossing 50 X 40 CM Acrylic on Canvas

“The Crossing” is another stand out painting by Brown. Here, his semi-circular shapes look like colorful rowboats floating along a stream. The bright hues make for a childlike image, but the title of the painting makes one contemplate crossing through the waters, an experience that would be nothing short of chaotic.

Monofauna 50 x 40 cm Acrylic on Canvas

“Monofauna” is also worth exploration. This painting stands out as being more muted than the others. The background consists of hazy purple criss-crosses overrun by a swirl that could be a cloud, or based on the title of the painting, a rather unusually shaped flower. The piece’s background plays against the chaotic swirl to give us the notion that all may not be what it seems.

Brown’s paintings have a distinct modern look that plays well in contemporary settings. However, their vibrant colors will be a much-needed pick me up that goes well with various decors. They are thoughtful explorations of a childlike world and darker images that may be lurking beneath.