Accidental Shapes & Patterns – Mobiles and Paintings by Jenni Rope

I’ve had my eyes on Jenni Rope’s work for a while now. This talented creative who lives and works in Helsinki channels her thinking across a number of mediums, including painting, mobile sculptures and much more. I was drawn to her thanks to her distinct style, which is mainly a blend of abstraction and illustration.

Recently she’s been working on a few books, including a children’s book for Etana Editions and a book documenting her mobiles by Napa. The children’s book showcases the flexibility in her work, adapting her beautiful abstract artworks for a younger generation to admire, and her other book is something that might fit in to gallery setting of sorts. Which, on the face of it, is a little ironic. Keeping the child-like playfulness alive gives her a uniqueness that sets her apart.

Here I have pulled over a selection of mobiles, some of which were commissioned by the Aalto University, a few of the other mobiles and the artworks were exhibited at the Huuto Gallery in Helsinki and are acrylic painted on canvas. I hope you like Jenni’s work and will go on to view more on her website linked below.