Animal By LuChen Liao

I really enjoyed viewing this short piece which was made all the way over in Taiwan by young creative mind LuChen Liao. She presents us with a vivid slowed down set of visuals which are pieced together in an experimental style.

When I first found this project I figured it would be pretty dark and edgy which Is completely the opposite to what we have here in my opinion. The piece is quite playful and i’m particularly fond of the shot of the girl smiling, it brings a nice warmth to our screens.

I also love how LuChen has been quite creative in the post capturing process, it’s certainly made way for something a little bit different visually and is pretty captivating on the audiences side.

I don’t know too much about the creative herself, but I’l be looking out for more from her in the coming months. Be sure to check back with her over on Vimeo.