Animation From Jason Mitcham

Good traditional animators are hard to come by, so when Jason Mitcham’s work appeared on the browse earlier I got pretty excited. I get really suckered into the charm and overall handmade feel of these animations that when new projects come along I feel I have to share them.

The piece Jason brings us today has been created to showcase the musical talents of the Avett Brothers and their single “Head Full Of Doubt, Road Full Of Promise”. Although this isn’t the genre of music I would normally be caught listening to, with the mind blowing visuals on offer from Jason I can certainly tolerate the track as the plot develops in front of our eyes.

Throughout the video we see a vast and empty area transformed into a packed city full of business and bright light, in many ways “full of promise”. However as time passes it becomes evident that this quick and easy lifestyle isn’t sustainable, perhaps a lesson to us all that we must live and die by our values, so building for the future opposed to the moment is paramount to lasting growth/progress.