Artworks By Caleb Morris

Based in Atlanta Caleb Morris is an artist who makes no secret of the fact that he loves having the freedom of having a career doing something that he loves and being his own boss. He recently updated his blog with news of some sales of his artworks and commissions commenting that this is so much better than having a “real” job. The truth is, and were going a little of the subject here that working for yourself although can be very rewarding is so much harder than having that security of a paycheque. Thats why when I see creatives who are successful you can appreciate the ridiculous amount of work that has gone into being in a situation to earn enough to survive. Its all about the being brash and believing in your ability as an artist, photographer, illustrator etc etc, Its clear that Caleb Morris believes and his artworks are benefiting as a result of this. I love these abstract characters that he creates, there so odd looking and zaney and are packed full of charm and whit. If you like what you see here and want to view more works from Caleb Morris you can find more via the link found at the foot of this post.

Find more info and work from Caleb Morris here