At the Hour of Our Death From Mark & Angela Walley

Im coming through with quite a controversial piece here and i’m sure it will leave many of you split on opinion, this short visual working captured by filmmakers Mark and Angela Walley deals with the way we look at death, and the mark people leave on the world. I’m not sure I completely agree that this way of dealing with death is right for everyone, but photographer Sarah Sudhoff certainly provides a different perspective. If all this does is make us think for a brief moment where we lie morally on this, I think that alone justifies sharing it.

I love how personal and human this is, Sarah is clearly immensely passionate about her views and to be honest I admire that she sees the world through a different light to the majority. It’s quite a daring piece that the Walley’s have got into here, and I think they should be congratulated for trying to push the boundaries and capture content that makes there audience stop in thought for a moment. Be sure to head over to the creatives respective personal pages to view more.