Bad Things That Could Happen By This Is It

I’ve not come across the This Is It collective before, but boy did they make an impression on both my mind and mood today, they bring us a short creative video which is very original, witty and comical. You have to take these guys seriously though, just look at the time and effort they took producing this piece. The whole thing is crafted in cardboard, that must have taken hours to plan and put together.

It’s projects and collectives like these ones that make it so enjoyable to share work around on the internet, find me one person that thinks that this doesn’t deserved to be seen by large numbers and I’l argue with him/her until the sun goes down. I love what I see here and honestly I can’t wait to see more from the collective that is made up of Andy Baker, Laura Bird, Rose Blake, Daniel Britt, Chan An Gee, Michael Knight, Nicos Livesey, Tom McCaughan, Azusa Nakagawa, Joseph Pelling and Becky Sloan. Remember these names Im sure we will be hearing and seeing lots more great works from them in the future.