Beauty and Femininity – Abstract Paintings & Prints by Marleigh Culver

You might assume that abstract paintings have only one style consisting of different colours and shapes. In my opinion there’s actually a specific fluidity in the way that the shapes are expressed and the colours are chosen. I also think layers play an important role. There are so many details in these kind of paintings that it really fascinates me, for this reason I seemed to gravitate towards the work of Brooklyn-based graphic designer and artist Marleigh Culver.

Originally from Virginia, Marleigh works both in a digital and physical mediums. Her style is trademarked by her playful use of colour, something that seems to be a starting point for all her artworks. Usually her process starts with the colour and then the ideas that form the shapes are an extension of this, always thinking about the different combinations that intrigue the eye.

I think the most interesting part about her work is her love for exploring sentimental or romantic themes. This way of thinking has surely seeped through in to her work as we see floating, flowing shapes that are often inspired by plants and nature. I hope you like these that I picked out and will support her work on the link below. She is always updating her portfolio so it will be fascinating to see where she takes her style in the near future.