Ben Heine’s Pencil Vs Camera

Creative Ben Heine lives in Belgium and is a multi discipline artist who brings us this collection of imagery which is created using a technique which I haven’t seen used before and is pretty innovative and creative. Ben uses a combination of hand drawn artworks placed on top of a photographic image to craft a comical and unique collection of personal workings, in the past Ben has worked as a painter, illustrator, portraitist, caricaturist and photographer so has a vast range of skill sets that he brings to each project he is involved with. Ben states that this series is “nothing but the result of several years of graphic exploration and a logic consequence of my artistic evolution. But the real idea came while I was watching television and writing a letter at the same time a few weeks ago. Reading my letter before putting it in the envelope, I saw in transparency the television behind the paper. I then realize it would be great to make something similar in a single image showing two different actions”. If you like what you see here and would like to view more workings from Ben Heine’s follow the link to his personal page which is linked bellow.

You can find more workings from creative Ben Heine here