Between Bears By Eran Hilleli

Currently residing in Israel Tel Aviv creative mind Eran Hilleli recently graduated from the Bezalel Academy where he studied the production of Animation. Today he brings us the very piece of work that helped him to graduate with such flying colours and praise. Between Bears is a captivating, inspiring project that really does make you stop and focus your full attention on what you have in front of your eyes, Erans work is both beautiful and bold. I think one thing that you notice when watching this is the craft of the audio that runs alongside the piece, it’s so delicate and precise that as a viewer you cant help but admire how fitting the sounds are, and how well they work here. Animations like these ones don’t come along too often and we have been treated well by animators of late with the piece before from Dustin Grella and now Eran today. If you like what you see here id suggest heading over to Eran’s personal web space for more of the same, you can visit here via the link found bellow.

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