By The Bridge From Salvador Pozo

Short fashion collection from established international fashion photographer Salvador Pozo, Originally born in the spanish capital Madrid Salvador crossed the borders in early 96 to pursue his dream in the Netherlands. His name is one that represents his passion for perfection he is well known in both fashion and editorial arenas for his work, working since he moved to holland for over ninety separate branded clients. Recently he has been producing quite a strong presence out on the online network bringing all of us some real quality pieces of photography clean and bold in stance with character thoughout. Im a fan of how Salvador brings out the the attitude of those photographed in this collection, particularly the model with the Great Britain striped trousers. Her slim frame suggest she has little bite, however her held look provides a real connotation of strength and confidence. I had a short browse through Salvador’s online collection of work and was impressed with the range of quality he provides, over various genre’s he consistently brings stunning work, heres a recent quote he likes to follow as a rule of thumb :

“Strive for perfection in everything,
Take the best that exists and make it better,
And if it doesn’t exist create it,
Accept nothing nearly right, or good enough”

– Salvador Pozo

Find more photography from Salador Pozo here

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