Child Drawings From Kenji Matsubara

Japanese Illustrator has been working in his chosen field of work for over twenty years now so when his name is mentioned you know to expect a vision that only experience can bring. Today I was browsing over his portfolio and found these charming little illustrations that he had created through the use of colour pencils alone. I love the various personalities that Kenji brings out in this series, these children are so individual and have bags of attitude in their locker. These remind me that we all must be individual in our approach to life, because this is the strength of our species, no one mind is the same.

Kenji Matsubara lives in the seaside town of Kamakura-shi Kanagawa spending the majority of his time drawing and creating projects that portray life as he sees it. His faded style that we see in these illustrations is pretty soft on the eye and makes the detailing of the shading even more noticeable in my opinion.If you like these go take a look a some more of his workings from him, and if your really fond of them you can actually purchase prints from Kenji via his Etsy shop.

Kenji Matsubara’s web page here