Cinemaricana By Matt Hoyle

Internationally recognized and awarded photographer Matt Hoyle made a name for himself creating rich story telling portraiture while alongside designing engaging and eye pleasing advertising. With his personal workings recently featured in London’s very own national portraiture gallery his credentials as a creative talent speak out on there own accord, his creations are full of imagination and background concept which is a real treat on the eyes. Today we see a series of imagery titled Cinemaricana which is set it what looks like the late 50’s early 60’s, attention to detail in this collection underpins the beauty of all the elements combined. From the clothing to the grading and coloration of each image Matt has left no space for anything but a genuine representation of this period in time, even the vintage edition post looks brand new. Matt has taken the risk of recreating something that could of looked staged and unkempt and crafted a genuine while natural looking collection of beautiful imagery.

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