Claire Pinegar For Plumbline

Working out of her London base multidisciplined creative artist Claire Pinegar has been crafting her own path in the form of Animation, Graphic Design, Illustration & as a Video performance artist. Since graduating out of Uca Farnham with a degree in animation Claire has been working on various diverse projects and today she brings us one of her latest works which is a video promotional piece for six piece alternative band Plumbline. Claire provides a striking yet vivid look in this animated works with sketched hand draw styling and a amalgamation of space like objects and shapes. The single this was created for is titled once in a lifetime and is due for released on Hydrogen Dukebox Records May 10th. Its great to see fresh talent coming through and releasing work after spending a handful of years creating projects constrained by marking schemes. Watch out for more of Claire Pinegar’s work in the future, you can follow her via her personal site which is linked below.

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  • carmi latham

    great video and love this song. Awesome!

  • Daniel Benning

    Im debating a 79p itunes download… pretty rare for me.

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