Cliffs Along The Sea & Lucky by Christian Hansen

I’m absolutely loving these two shorts by Christian Hansen. I saw in the description that he hopes these are the first of an on-going series, so fingers crossed he produces more like these in the future.

Christian said, “I met Bryan one night at a dinner party at Mychal’s house. After dinner we all went down the KEXP where he was doing an In Studio. From the moment I watched him perform that night, I feel in love with his music and the next day I proposed this piece. A week later we were in boats rowing around as the sun was setting.”.

That pretty much says it all really, a brief moment of inspiration led to this timeless piece of work. You can’t beat a good sing a long down the lake. Give both of the videos a watch below.

Bryan John Appleby
Christian Sorensen Hansen
Mychal Cohen
Ryan Enkema