Collect From Soon Tong

Not to long ago photographer Soon Tong brought us a fantastic collection of images titled sail away, so I thought I would have a browse through his portfolio and see what he had been up to. This is where I found this short collection of four of a single model floating just above the surface of a pool, it provides a really unique surrounding and an interesting view that captivates the viewer. Soon showed us in his previous collection that he has strong ability to bring out the bolder tones in his last collection we looked at, and contrasting with this one this collect seems to have more subtle lighter tones throughout while still containing a eye catching appeal. I think the key to the success of this set is the red colouring of lipstick which underpins the whole piece by tying in a stronger more demanding colour into the images. A little masterstroke there, its always the little things that make the difference. Head over to Soon Tongs link below to find more of his work, which is buried into the portfolio section.

Find more of Soon Tong here