Days With My Father By Philip Toledano

New York Based Photographer Philip Toledano brings us this very intimate and personal collection of images with/of his elderly father who struggled to cope with the death of Philip’s Mother who past four years ago. He explains that although his father didn’t have alzheimers, he very swiftly lost the ability to retain information in the short term leaving life confusing and frustrating. Seeing parallels with my own grandparents in this collect I felt this selection of images had a vast underlying amount of power and message, Philip explains in this journal how his father was always ambitious and driven, something that seems to have faded as the years roll by. I think in this series each of us has to view this and see how short and fickle life is, one moment we are in are prime and the next we can be brought to a state of confusion to what has become of us, every moment has to be seized, opportunity taken and memory embraced.

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