Digital Accrylic From Antonio

Recreating photography classics through the use of digital illustration creative artist Antonio has crafted the following series by merging pixels to combine a vivid look with iconic recognition. Located in Bergamo, Italy Antonio runs what he calls his window to the world Village 9991 where he showcases his visual workings he says of his workings ” I’ve developed my passion for creating images since I was a child when i used to draw, with pens and pencils, the things that surronded me”, “Lately I’m developing and deepening the study of Photomosaics trying to create images with my personal touch which departs me from a basic technique. Photomosaics attract me to their ability to generate wonder and awe in those who observe them”. They certainly provide an original outlook into what we already recognise as a given, we have all seen these recreated many times but these actually look unique and separate from there originals without losing what was already there.

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