Diverse Geometric Shapes – Block Series by Artist Rahee Yoon

Rahee Yoon Block Series 1

Seoul-based designer and artist Rahee Yoon is acquainted with all sorts of techniques ranging from metalwork and ceramics to textiles, acrylic and epoxy resin casting, and woodwork. Over the years, this eclectic knowledge has inspired her craft as she often experiments with materials of diverse qualities placing them inside plastic structures that give life to wall artworks, furniture pieces, everyday objects, and sculptures.

Without a doubt, acrylic is the signature material of Rahee Yoon’s practice. When talking about this material created in the 1930s, one should keep in mind that it has a long-lasting tradition within the world of interior design and art due, in part, to its translucent, lightweight, durable, and shatter-resistant qualities. Particularly, acrylic furniture gained momentum during the 1960s and 1970s, and while having experienced a relative setback, nowadays is again in vogue. At the same time, for years minimal artists, like Donald Judd, created geometric and modular works made in part of acrylic. Yoon is influenced by both traditions as her works exude the legacy of important designers, like Arne Jacobsen, and artists, such as Vasa Leizar Mihich, who experimented with acrylic.

Rahee’s approach to art and design is crystallized in the ongoing Block series composed by coloured materials that appear to be floating inside transparent acrylic blocks of diverse geometric shapes. The final result is sculptures that display translucent and blurred gradations of one or two vivid colors, mainly the color blue is used by the artist who admires the African lily agapanthus’s dark blue petals. As shared by Yoon, the title of the series, “not only indicates the base material of the artwork but also represents how the series evolves from its simplest form into a multifaceted structure.” In a way, the block is the basic unit of a modular yet intuitive take on sculpture and interior design as Yoon has applied the same concept to tables, door handles, or flower vases. We can all agree that the designer succeeds in “drawing chromatic waves across transparent borders.”


Rahee Yoon Block Series 2

Rahee Yoon Block Series 3

Rahee Yoon Block Series 4

Rahee Yoon Block Series 5

Rahee Yoon Block Series 6

Rahee Yoon Block Series 7

Rahee Yoon Block Series 8

Rahee Yoon Block Series 9

Rahee Yoon Block Series 10

Written by Constanza Ontiveros