Dreams Path By Rares Morph

Romanian creative Rares Morph brings this great little series of imagery titled Dream Path which is typical of the styling which runs alongside the regular pieces that he creates. I guess we are following a little bit of a theme through from yesterday with the vivid set from Ausadavut Sarum, these looks are pure imagination from start to finish, its great to see. Rares has been creating many series of similar style which In my opinion aren’t getting the attention they deserve right now, I suppose this is one of the downfalls of the internet age at times, with so much competition its hard to get noticed. Without being to cliche I think Rares work is a little bit like a diamond in the rough, his work is very vivid and unique without being too out there and wacky, its clearly constructed imagination driven. It would be nice to see a personal page from Rares Morph in the near future, but for now we have the images above and below to take in and enjoy & look for more from the Cluj-Napoca based photographer soon.