Dwell Visit Josef Albers Foundation

As senior editor Aaron Britt will soon explain Dwell took a visit to the Josef Albers foundation for part of their new series running which is titled colour theory the full spectrum, this is the first instalment in a three part series. Director Gary Nadeau got involved with this project and is the individual responsible for the visuals before us, we get a small look around the setup in Connecticut before Britt sat down with Nicholas Fox Weber the director of the Albers Foundation. The late Josef Albers was an German-born American artist and educator known by many as the father of modern colour theory, his works both in America and here in Europe help form some of the most influential education programmes found in the 20th Century. A great little insightful documentary series that I think may well be returning too in the near future, for now enjoy bellow and follow the links at the foot of the post for more.

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