Dynamic Shapes & Elements – Prints by Danish Designer Lissa Thimm


This week I’m hoping to see the Alexander Calder exhibit at Tate Modern titled “Performing Sculpture”. For me Calder’s playfulness is unmatched and I admire his use of vibrant colour. It always strikes me how bold the colours actually are in person, matched with the simplicity of the shapes that make up his sculpture. On this note I’ve been hunting around looking at other artist’s work that follows a similar theme, and came across Danish designer Lissa Thimm.

Combining geometry with a cluster of dynamic looking shapes, Lissa Thimm produces these fantastic prints and illustrations at her studio in Copenhagen. Her background is in textile design, which actually lends itself to simple patterns that repeat, but I’m especially interested in the limited artworks that she makes as they add that little bit of brightness and charm around the home. They would also match well with a minimal interior.

Here’s a few of my personal favourites from her website, which also features a shop where these can be purchased. I’m really fond of the ‘mobile’ prints that feature hanging elements (an example seen above), simple but very effective. I hope you like these and will browse more of her work on the website linked below.