Earth From Below From Stephen Alvarez

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Photojournalist Stephen Alvarez produces global stories about exploration, culture, religion, and the aftermath of conflict. I found this small collection of images titled earth from below on his webpage and took a cross section. Stephen provides us with a strong level of attention grabbing imagery in this set, the caves are lit perfectly by the natural light shining in from outside. being a National Geographic photographer since 1995 you would expect such quality, His images have won awards in Pictures of the Year International and from the imagery above and below its very clear why. While travelling the world for National Geographic Stephen takes time out to regularly update his followers on his own person blog of what he’s doing. Its quite an interesting little diary insight and worth following if your a fan of photography and the lifestyle it brings professionally. I always believe its important for creative people to believe in their field and show confidence it what they love doing, This is a good example of this as Stephen has crafted a hobby into an international career. We need these sorts of creative fields otherwise there would be parts of the world that would never be seen, and that would be a terrible shame. To find more from this collection of images and many, many more visit Stephen Alvarez’s site – Link Below.

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