Easy Does It & Neutral Ground – Contemporary Wall Hangings by Artist Suzie Idiens

Artists are often given little credit for the skills they have acquired as makers, through expression they often master many trades. In my opinion it’s no easy task to make these works and should be likened to any other craft, but with more of a conceptual twist that makes you try to look deeper in to the work.

Suzie Idiens is an Australian/British artist currently living and working in Sydney, Australia. I came across her works and they captivated me mainly because of their simplicity, but also the method of construction that is documented through the photos on her website. It reminded me of a craftsman at work, cutting and sanding all the pieces to get the desired form.

For 2017 she made the series ‘Easy Does It’ and in 2016 ‘Neutral Ground’, both of which feature different shapes in flat monotone colours. They are made from Polyurethane and MDF, two fairly common materials, pouring the mixture over wooden forms and then finishing them to create a mirror-like surface. Here are a few images from the two series that I thought went together well, but more works similar to this can be seen on the link below.