End Of A Scarer By Chris O’Hara

This great animation from Chris O’Hara is a prime example of the problem that the internet has created and the hurdle that we collectively as creatives we have to get over. End Of A Scarer has been released on the internet coming up for a year now and has had what I would consider very few views in terms of the quality of the piece, it pains me to see unproductive videos score millions of views which take they little effort to create, when something like this takes years of practice to achieve and at the minute is pushing to find a thousand views over at Vimeo. Im sure this will change once the ball gets rolling because this piece really does deserve to be seen by the masses, not only is the animation fantastic but the theming and character creation here is stunning, I really hope that Chris can get the views that will get his name out there as the talent that he is.

Find more work from Animator Chris O’Hara here


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