Exploring Colour Harmony – Paintings by Spanish Creative Claudia Valsells

One thing I’ve noticed as a creative myself, although this could be applied to all aspects of life, is that we often turn away from our weaknesses and seek the easy path. For me, colour is a true weakness as I find I’m a creative with much more sensitivity to structural elements and form in general. So I decided to pull out the work book and get studying, today with the help of Spanish artist Claudia Valsells who currently resides in Barcelona.

Claudia’s speciality is colour. Even if she works with collage and other types of material her work always explore the tension between different colours and forms and how these dictate our eye. Her background in interior design and architecture definitely played a part in how she places the forms in her paintings, but at the same time she has a unique talent for mixing colours that have playful undertones but balance out nicely thanks to her use of bright and dark. This is possibly from her study in mural painting.

Something I personally took away from Claudia’s portfolio is that it’s all about experimentation. The creative process is just our interest and how skilled we get is only limited by time and dedication. So to all you out there who want to get started, just go and create and see where it takes you. The path is not easy but if we focus on our weaknesses we are sure to make them strengths.