Exploring Gradation – Paintings by Artist Senem Oezdogan

Senem Oezdogan is a Brooklyn based mixed media artist. She sees her art as a vehicle, allowing viewers to observe the world through form and color. Influenced by architecture and geometry, there’s a static solidity that is countered by the softness of fabric and tapestry running throughout her portfolio.

The painting itself consists of curves, sleek lines, vibrant colours and sophisticated shading techniques to produce works that are nothing short of jaw dropping.

It’s always interesting to see the evolution of a creative, and this can certainly be seen in Senem’s portfolio. The earlier work produced before 2018 features abstract shapes with brighter, whimsical blobs of colour. Much more white space can be found with little to no shading. Still aesthetically pleasing and shows a great eye for the positioning of shape.

Recent works feature a mixture of blocks that are strategically stacked, or even more recently, fallen and what appear to be collapsed structures. Aside from the obvious architectural link there’s also some play with perspective thanks to the unique shading on the edges of each shape. This brings dynamism to the canvas, which is also a contrast to the muted tones, popping out thanks to the gradient placed between connecting elements.

This kind of exploration of gradient is so inspiring to see, especially in a set formation of shapes. It’s interesting that Oezdogan puts such restraint on herself, but at the same time having the complete freedom to work within these boundaries. There’s a real sense of problem solving throughout. Which makes sense to me. Why be creative if there isn’t a problem to solve? By giving yourself a restraint we can have a metaphorical connection to humanity and our vertical aspirations.